From the design and development of the product to the after-sales service, INNOLAC offers a service of 360°, able to monitor the product during all the processing and packaging phases, guaranteeing the customer, quality and safety for a high-level final product.
Contract management: we offer both individual furniture accessories and the production of the finished furniture on commission of a specific customer.

Kit furniture: we work for large retailers proposing production solutions for kit furniture.

Stock: We have a warehouse of panels always ready in various colors and both glossy and matt finishes to meet all the needs of our customers. For each color managed in stock we can provide in combination with it the edge in glossy and matt ABS with small quantities.


We manage scheduled orders, through forecasts, with fast deliveries in order to not commit the customer in important warehouse supplyes.

The company also manages scheduled orders for the realization of finished furniture, planning weekly or monthly deliveries.

We also offer a customized packing service to satisfy every need:

  • Bulk packaging on pallets
  • Individual box packaging
  • Packaging in kits
  • Packaging for finished assembled furniture


One of the secrets of our success over time is definitely the quality of our products.

We constantly monitor products, materials and production processes to maintain the highest quality levels of all accepted and shipped products.

We avail ourselves of a qualified staff and certified bodies in order to check and guarantee our products. Our customers are welcomed in our show room and they can touch the quality of our products.